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Armagan Ozdiker guides his team of oenologists to marry and balance the different wines.

Throughout the long process of tasting individual wines, they assess their ability to develop and harmonize when blended. They seek a subtle marriage between Chardonnay's floral and fruit characteristics, and the breeding and roundness of Pinot Noir. Once blended, Cuve'e Armagan is given a long period of aging in our cellars. As the wine matures, it acquires the complexity and body finesse for which it is renowned. Having reached full maturity, Cuve'e Armagan 1994 should be tasted now, though of course, let the wine rest for a few days before opening.

You can, however, keep the wine for a few years, if stored in correct conditions. We recommend storing Cuve'e Armagan in the dark to protect it from light, and at a constant temperature of 68-70 degrees F (10-12 degrees Celsius). Cuve'e Armagan epitomizes human skills and the unique characteristics of the North Coast counties of California soil. It brings together the elegance and refinement of the most outstanding Champagne wines. Cuve'e Armagan is made only from the finest grapes Champagne vineyards can provide - Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.


Dosage to add 0.07 Sugar (natural) 0.10 Cognac

The wine is dry, finished in the "Brut" style using a small amount of dosage. A component of French Cognac is added to the dosage. This brings a complexity to aroma and richness to the texture and finish.


Alcohol: 12,1%
TA: 0.79/100 ml.
pH: 2,56
VA: 0.0023-3/100 ml.
R.S.: 0.87%

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