In 1856, the D'Agostini Winery was established by German-Swiss immigrant, Adam Uhlinger. It is the third oldest wine operation in California and registered as California State Historical Landmark Number 762. In its earlier day, the vineyard produced wines for the hard working miners of the California Gold Rush.

Mr. Uhlinger brought grape vines with him from Europe, and it is generally thought that Zinfandel was first planted in California in the D'Agostini vineyards. All the vats and casks used for winemaking and aging were hand-made by the Uhlinger family. In the early years, these vessels were produced from local California oak and designed in the German style with deeply concave fronts.

In 1911, the winery was purchased by Enrico D'Agostini, along with its 125 acres of vineyard. He and his four sons operated the winery, producing sound country wines from their vines.

In 1984, Armagan Ozdiker, a long-time member of the California wine industry, purchased D'Agostini. Today, the D'Agostini and Uhlinger heritage can readily be seen and enjoyed in the two distinct award-winning lines of wine being produced by Mr. Ozdiker. All the wines, regardless of vineyard location or varietal, are produced in state-of-the-art facilities with the time and attention it takes to make high quality wine.

D'Agostini Gold Label Collection:
The D'Agostini Gold Label Collection of fine California Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Chardonnay have won numerous awards for their fine quality and elegance. Sold only in fine restaurants and a handful of retail stores, this highly successful line is produced from grapes and wines that are hand-selected by Mr. Ozdiker. Currently these wines are very limited in their availability outside of the Northern California area.

D'Agostini Vineyard Designated Collection:
Each year, the finest grapes go into D'Agostini's Vineyard Designated Collection. These are very limited production wines from specific regions within the California Northcoast grape-growing area. Currently, an award-winning Sonoma County Zinfandel is offered. An Alexander Valley Merlot and a Russian River Chardonnay are aging and will be released in the near future.

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