Vineyards & Cellar Treatment

This wine was grown in Sonoma County soils with a gravel substructure and excellent drainage along the banks of the Russian River. Average brix was 24.8 and total acid 0.72. The grapes were harvested in early September at a 3.55 pH.

Tasting Notes

When the fermentation was stopped, we had 2.4 residual sugar and 0.72 total acid. The wine was cold stabilized in stainless steel tanks for two months under pressure to retain a slight spritziness (170 parts per million of carbon dioxide).

Presently this wine has a fruity, apple-like finish that fills the mouth, and an intense varietal bouquet of Chardonnay for the nose. Because of its richness, this wine should improve constantly with bottle age for at least five years. While excellent as a sipping wine, this Chardonnay is highly recommended as an accompaniment for spicy fish, chicken or turkey dishes. It is also excellent with fruit and cheese or light desserts.

"Because of the unusually sound, clean condition of the grapes, we were able to crush and maintain skin contact for over thirty hours before extracting juice. Cold fermentation at 50 to 55 degrees F. was halted after eighteen days when the alcohol level reached just over 13%." ------- Armagan Ozdiker, Proprietor

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