Vineyards & Cellar Treatment

This wine is largely the product of our Russian River and Sonoma county vineyards. the grapes were harvested at an "average of 22.7 brix with good acid and low pH."

The juice was settled overnight, chilled then centrifuged to the fermenter. Fermentation was carried out in stainless steel at 50 degrees F. for a duration of 18 days.

The fermentation stopped at 0.05% residual sugar; the wine was then filtered and racked into medium size American oak barrels and aged for four months.

Tasting Notes

The wine analysis at bottling showed an alcohol of 12.9%, total acidity 0.68%, volatile acidity 0.031% and residual sugar 0.5%. "The style sought is that of a French Chardonnay; light, fruity and earl maturing. An atypically early harvest of the fruit is necessary to do this," explains Ozdiker. "It is important, however, that the fruit be sufficiently mature to retain its varietal identity. The wine is light with austere fruit, tart with a crisp finish." ------- Armagan Ozdiker, Proprietor

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